Bankruptcy Lawyer for Lockport, NY

Jackson & Balkin is so much more than a personal injury or family court lawyer. We are a bankruptcy lawyer in your area with the expertise and knowledge you can trust with your case. Our team has covered a large amount of bankruptcy cases including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Call us today for your consultation!

Chapter 7: bankruptcy cases are the most common form in the United States. If you are a business owner filing for Chapter 7, you believe that you will not be able to pay your creditors now or in the future. This forces you to liquidate your assets from the business to pay off your debt. If you are filing for personal Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you get to keep certain assets, but some assets will be used to pay off your debt.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Lockport, NY

Chapter 11:  bankruptcy is similar to Chapter 13 because you will be able to rebuild your life after this type of bankruptcy. You will be able to remain in charge of your business.

Chapter 13:  is a form of bankruptcy that allows you to rebuild your life easily after the initial filing. The court will create a plan for you in order to pay off a portion of your debt.

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